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Text Box: “Hilarious and Insightful"
- Mirror Magazine
"Truly Illuminating"
- Maryland Film Festival  
Cassandra Jones is a young woman from Toronto with a very active imagination and a unique view of the world. Feeling trapped by life in her low-income community, and unable to relate to her brother Patrick, a petty criminal, or her overly pious mother, Mary, Cassandra decides to leave Toronto. She applies and is accepted into an exchange program between Quebec and West Africa. When she reaches her Quebec destination, a pig farm, she encounters Sylvie Leblanc, a woman in need of change, her husband Luc Leblanc, a man afraid of change, and Abdoulaye Diallo, her African exchange counterpart and a man who regrets his decision to seek change. Because none of her expectations are met, Cassandra quickly becomes unhappy on the farm. Her presence creates plenty of tension, much of it humorous. A surprising conclusion comes about after a roller-coaster series of events.
Text Box: Canada 1999 
93 Minutes, Color, DVD
English/French with English Subtitles 
Sandy Daley  ( (Now and Again) , Marcia Brown (My Father’s Hands, Los Locos) , Daniel Levesque ( Degrassi, The House), Kevin White ( Simon Birch, Cross Over)
Text Box: Winner BEST FILM PRIZE at the Black International Cinema , Germany
Official Selection: Vancouver International Film Festival ,International Film Festival of India, Maryland, FESPACO, etc.

Illuminating , Entertaining ,  Educational