Brothers in Music

Text Box: Canada 1990
25 Minutes, Black and White

Price: $99.95 ( DVD + PPR)

Text Box: John T. Davis (pianist/organist/vocalist) and Jim Heineman (saxophonist) are two Canadian jazzmen who have had to wage the war between the compulsion and the passion that they feel towards their music and the struggle that is involved with trying to make a living in the field of jazz music in Canada. John T. Davis is a Black musician from a poor rural environment. Jim Heineman is a white musician from a white middle-class urban environment. 

Brothers in Music  begins by exploring the personalities, experiences and inspirations of these two very talented and different musicians and then moves on to examine the heart warming, brotherly relationship shared by these two musicians who have played together for over two decades. Through the musicians' words and original music “Brothers in Music” provides a rare and special look at the jazz scene in Canada.
Text Box: Nominated in the best documentary under 30 minutes category at the Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival
Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival , FESPACO,  Guardian Weekly Film Festival, etc.

Illuminating , Entertaining ,  Educational