Text Box: Text Box: For over 20 years Syncopated  Productions has been creating  award winning  programs that have always been thought provoking  and enlightening.  

From its inception in 1990, the company has  been committed  to celebrating culture,  giving a voice to the voiceless and  bringing social inequalities to the forefront.    

In 1999 the company produced  the feature film  Another Planet. This film about cultural identity became the  very first feature film to be  written and directed by a Black woman in Canada.  

Speaking in Tongues: The History of Language, a  ground breaking  5 part documentary series that looks at  the history of the worlds languages is the companies most extensive production.  The series compiles many fascinating facts and controversies about Language  and features interviews with many world renown experts such as Noam Chomsky.  

All of the companies films have been screened , broadcast and distributed internationally.

Illuminating , Entertaining ,  Educational

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