Them Thatís Not:

Single Women and the Welfare System

Text Box: Canada 1993
54 Minutes, Color
A  National Film Board of Canada  production
Featuring:  Original music from  Four The Moment
Text Box: This film puts a human face on the statistics relating to women and poverty. Closely monitored to ensure that they are conforming to all rules and regulations, the women featured in this video must accept having their rights and privacy violated. We share through their eyes, their voices and their experiences, what it feels like to be poor and to raise children under the scrutiny of an unsympathetic welfare system.
Text Box: Winner of a SPECIAL JURY PRIZE ,   
Nominated in Best Public Affairs Documentary and Best Original   Musical  Score categories at Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival

Winner of BRONZE APPLE AWARD at 25th National Educational Film and Video Festival

Illuminating , Entertaining ,† Educational

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